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Obiščite simbol humanosti in tovarištva

Porezen (1630 m)

Povzpnite se na najvišji vrh Cerkljanske

Terme Cerkno

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Arheološki park Divje babe

Obiščite zibelko svetovne glasbe

Družinam prijazno Smučišče Cerkno

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Cerkljanski Laufarji

Spoznajte like ene najbolj prepoznavnih tradicionalnih pustnih skupin v Sloveniji

Welcome to the Cerkno Region

A unique landscape, a world of ancient memories, pristine and untouched nature, historical and cultural monuments, beautiful places, diverse culinary treats, and friendly people – this is the essence of the Cerkno region.

Traces of history, a unique geographical location and varied natural features have shaped Cerkljansko in such a way that it is extremely diverse and rich.

We invite you to experience the diversity and variation of the landscape that has been shaped by the mysterious forces of nature and the toil of hard-working men throughout the centuries.

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Klemen Slakonja visits Cerkno


Cerkno: Keep in touch with nature


Cerkno culinary delights

E-bike rental

Rent an E-bike and activley explore Cerkno and its surroundings. Cycling tours with electric mountain bikes make the otherwise strenuous uphill portions of the trail a real pleasure. The bikes will make it noticeably easier to ride on steep and less well-paved paths.

Termalko’s adventure

Join Termalko and help him discover the geothermal characteristics of Cerkno. Go on an interactive themed trail, and let the map, hints in the brochure, and directions on the information boards lead you to the geothermal points in the centre of Cerkno.

The digitised Divje babe cave

Visit the first cave in Slovenia which takes you to the mysterious times of the Neanderthals, with the help of projections on the walls, thus offering you a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

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